O$: odd error message revisited

Andreas Pfeiffer andreas at familiepfeiffer.de
Fri Jan 22 15:12:39 EST 2010

Hi Panikos,

If you want to trigger a method within a subform then you need to make it client executed. Also you would need to use 

Do method $cinst.$objs.mysubform.$dosomething()

Note that I do not use Do. Rather I use the command Do method.

That said it will trigger the method within the subform if it is marked as client executed. From there you are free to trigger another server side method with the command "Do method" that executes the server side.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,


Am 22.01.2010 um 20:49 schrieb Panikos Stavrou:

> ok all, i'm stuck on this for a week
> i've tried to simplify my code to understand this error, so here's the gist of it:
> in the $event method (set to execute on client) of a field in a remote form i have this code
> On evAfter
>   Do $cinst.$objs.rfUserAutoJoin.$test(ivResultsLst)
> rfUserAutoJoin is a subform within this form.
> here's the only line for $test (a method set to execute on client)
> Do method $doshit (pResultsLst)
> $doshit is a subform method  (NOT set to execute on client, because it needs to do an sql fetch)
> i'm not listing the $doshit code because it never gets there
> just after i tab out of the field evAfter gets called,
> $cinst.$objs.rfUserAutoJoin.$test is called
> and the trace log opens up and displays the error
> "cannot call a server method when part way through evaluating a calculation"
> $doshit never gets called
> what evaluation??? it's a simple method call with a straightforward parameter!!
> help!
> panikos
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