07$: Writing image files from file path to database

Alan Froehling alfmd at mvn.net
Wed Jan 20 10:42:03 EST 2010

I have a problem that occurs once in a while.
I have a Mac Laptop using Airport for a WiFi connection to the  
server, using a native database.

The Airport will occasionally drop and then I have to Force Quit the  
Omnis client.
When I re-establish the connection, and try to reconnect to the  
database, I get a "too many workstations" error.

I suppose the server thinks that the client is still connected  
(serial number) and won't let the client connect again with the same  
serial number.

Is there a way to clear this without rebooting the whole network?

Alan Froehling, M.D.
alfmd at mvn.net
Neuromuscular Orthopædic Institute, Ltd.
302 Broadway
Mount Vernon, IL, 62864

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