NO: Connected PC suddently "goes slow" for no apparent reason - solved

Dario Greggio at
Tue Jan 19 05:50:43 EST 2010

Joe Maus ha scritto:

> I have a customer where new PCs would sometimes start running "slow" on the
> network (so I was told).  Things were apparently just fine and as expected
> and then they just went "slow."  What the customer didn't mention was they
> went slow after they brought them out of "sleep."  Apparently, at least on
> some HP products, the NIC will drop to 10BaseT when it enters sleep mode to
> which the cheap little GB switch (unmanaged) in the closet was very happy to
> demote the port to.  On wake up, the switch didn't pick up on the request to
> change back to 1000BaseT (apparently) and thus it stayed at 10BaseT.
> Leading to a "slow" machine.  The customer had been rebooting the machines
> when this happened and then things were "fast" again.  

crazy, Joe... !
Yep, that is what we get for "power saving"...



Ciao, Dario

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