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David Swain dataguru at
Mon Jan 18 22:21:46 EST 2010

Yes, that is a standing obligation that Clare and I both look forward  
to each year. Just let us all know when the dates are firm! (No rush -  
I don't expect that for a few months yet... ;-)


On Jan 18, 2010, at 10:10 PM, Fred Brinkman wrote:

> but, me being selfish here... I do hope we can count on you for  
> EurOmnis (pencilled in for 10-15 October) this year... ;-)
> Op 19 jan 2010, om 04:03 heeft David Swain het volgende geschreven:
>> That's a bit up in the air right now.
>> We're waiting to see how the Oracle acquisition of Sun comes down  
>> and I have to see how necessary things like "paid vacation time" or  
>> "unpaid leave" would work out under Oracle. I don't even know  
>> whether I'll be a salaried or an hourly employee - we've been  
>> hearing various things about how Oracle trainers are compensated.  
>> My 3-year anniversary is next month and with Sun that would give me  
>> an extra week of vacation (which is what I've used to speak at  
>> EurOmnis and classes in Sydney the past two years). But I have no  
>> idea what Oracle's "job offer" to me will be or what their vacation  
>> policies are.
>> I have one request to go to New Zealand (which I would love to do  
>> again) to give some basic Omnis Studio and some Omnis-MySQL  
>> training, but I have had to defer that for the same reasons. This  
>> sudden surge in training requests (two of them!) isn't enough to  
>> pay the bills, so I can't just abandon my job to pursue these  
>> opportunities - there is no guarantee they would continue.  
>> TigerLogic is still making no effort that I have seen to actually  
>> market their product (well, not the Omnis one...) and without a  
>> constant stream of new Omnis Studio users, Omnis Studio training is  
>> not a viable primary business. (Not to mention that my wife would  
>> KILL me if I even suggested trying it again - and I wouldn't blame  
>> her!)
>> So let's see what the next month brings. The iPhone resources  
>> haven't been released yet anyway, so such a class would not be  
>> complete if I could only demonstrate. (Not that there aren't lots  
>> of other new things in Studio 5.0.) But I still have to see how  
>> this can all be fit into (or around) my work schedule - and that  
>> has to wait until I know what the rules of the new company will be.
>> On Jan 18, 2010, at 8:38 PM, Alan Schmidt wrote:
>>> David- is there any possibility of a west coast training class for  
>>> the
>>> Studio 5 updates and this nifty mobile stuff?
>>> on 1/18/10 3:22 PM, Swain (David) at dataguru at  
>>> wrote:
>>>> I have played around with it some. I had the privilege of giving  
>>>> Bob
>>>> Mitchell's Omnis Studio 5 presentations to a group of developers in
>>>> Sydney last November and we spent most of one day in a subsequent
>>>> training session working with the iPhone extensions (all on my  
>>>> laptop
>>>> - not released versions, but...). This was especially challenging
>>>> since we had no documentation, but we made significant progress -  
>>>> and
>>>> even were able to report a few 5.0 bugs/discrepancies back to  
>>>> Mitford
>>>> House. We'll all have a chance to work with them soon, but we'll  
>>>> have
>>>> to wait for any formal announcements. The iPhone extensions will be
>>>> incredibly easy to install in Studio 5 once they are released.
>>>> I'd work with them more, but some other things that I must attend  
>>>> to
>>>> are taking up most of my time for the next three weeks or so. I've
>>>> worked less with the Windows Mobile apps, but bought an unlocked  
>>>> phone
>>>> just for that purpose. Looking forward to playing with that, too!
>>>> On Jan 18, 2010, at 12:10 PM, Fred Brinkman wrote:
>>>>> Lasse, everybody wants to see this in action but I do agree with
>>>>> Stene, iPhone looks much more appealing than WIndows xx
>>>>> My remark that I had the impression you really, really, wanted to
>>>>> know was because your message hit the List 3 times... ;-)
>>>>> Op 18 jan 2010, om 17:19 heeft Lasse Törnqvist het volgende
>>>>> geschreven:
>>>>>> So many developers asking for this sooooooo loooong time and no  
>>>>>> one
>>>>>> using it??????? You must be kidding me?
>>>>>> Or are you shy / is this a as big trade secret as Omnis in  
>>>>>> general?
>>>>>> ´
>>>>>> Fred, I bet you want to see this as much as I do!
>>>>>> Op 17 jan 2010, om 18:03 heeft Lasse Törnqvist het volgende
>>>>>> geschreven:
>>>>>>> just out of curiosity(?) has anyone created a Omnis winmobile  
>>>>>>> app?
>>>>>>> Is there any chance to see screenshots, or even testdrive?
>>>>>>> How hard was it?
>>>>>>> After what I can see you can't do it in the free version.
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