Omnis mobile app

David Swain dataguru at
Mon Jan 18 18:22:16 EST 2010

Hi Guys,

I have played around with it some. I had the privilege of giving Bob  
Mitchell's Omnis Studio 5 presentations to a group of developers in  
Sydney last November and we spent most of one day in a subsequent  
training session working with the iPhone extensions (all on my laptop  
- not released versions, but...). This was especially challenging  
since we had no documentation, but we made significant progress - and  
even were able to report a few 5.0 bugs/discrepancies back to Mitford  
House. We'll all have a chance to work with them soon, but we'll have  
to wait for any formal announcements. The iPhone extensions will be  
incredibly easy to install in Studio 5 once they are released.

I'd work with them more, but some other things that I must attend to  
are taking up most of my time for the next three weeks or so. I've  
worked less with the Windows Mobile apps, but bought an unlocked phone  
just for that purpose. Looking forward to playing with that, too!



On Jan 18, 2010, at 12:10 PM, Fred Brinkman wrote:

> Lasse, everybody wants to see this in action but I do agree with  
> Stene, iPhone looks much more appealing than WIndows xx
> My remark that I had the impression you really, really, wanted to  
> know was because your message hit the List 3 times... ;-)
> Op 18 jan 2010, om 17:19 heeft Lasse Törnqvist het volgende  
> geschreven:
>> So many developers asking for this sooooooo loooong time and no one  
>> using it??????? You must be kidding me?
>> Or are you shy / is this a as big trade secret as Omnis in general?
>> ´
>> Fred, I bet you want to see this as much as I do!
>> Op 17 jan 2010, om 18:03 heeft Lasse Törnqvist het volgende  
>> geschreven:
>>> just out of curiosity(?) has anyone created a Omnis winmobile app?
>>> Is there any chance to see screenshots, or even testdrive?
>>> How hard was it?
>>> After what I can see you can't do it in the free version.

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