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Mon Jan 18 11:32:33 EST 2010

I think many are looking into it and also realize that there are some modifications to core code to be done - it is an web client app and that might present some problems for some.

I myself is more interested in the iPhone implementation and I want to have as little of my code to be changed for the different deployment modes (stand-alone, client server, web client, html, web services etc) so I wait to do anything major until I know more about the iPhone version.



On 18 jan 2010, at 17.19, Lasse Törnqvist wrote:

> So many developers asking for this sooooooo loooong time and no one using it??????? You must be kidding me?
> Or are you shy / is this a as big trade secret as Omnis in general?
> ´
> Fred, I bet you want to see this as much as I do!
> regards from an old lurker
> Lasse "LaT" Törnqvist

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