Problems with OpenSSL configuration on windows + Omnis Studio 5

Helma van der Linden h.vanderlinden at
Mon Jan 18 10:11:48 EST 2010

Hello all,

can somebody tell me how to properly config OpenSSL in Windows (XP) to  
work together with OS5?

We used (OS < 5.0) a custom built java jar that would set up SSL  
tunnels to be used for secure POP/SMTP actions. Since OS5, this  
doesn't work so we followed the OpenSSL route. This works fine on OSX,  
but in Windows I get some cryptic error messages (reading  
WebDevSecureError) which remain even after uninstalling the OpenSSL  

So is there anyone who can share his/her setup/config of OpenSSL in  
Windows for use by OS5?


Bye, Helma

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