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Hi  Wendy/Andy

We used backupexe for quite a while on Novel many years ago.  The backup 
open files option didn't work then, and I doubt it works now.  Although on 
windows, if it uses shadow copy, it would probably be OK. And we  found that 
using the old open file option it would damage a df1, not every  time, but 
often enough


Hi Keith
Another sad person working on a Sunday.  
Many thanks for this  - I had a horrid feeling this might be what is  going 
on!!!  How do you tell a 'know if all' consultant that what you  saying is 
right though?
I have just spent the weekend rebuilding the database and never before have 
 I seen such a mess - I have not actually had time to look at any internal  
problems with the data itself (duplicated records etc) I needed to get  
something so they could be up and running tomorrow morning.
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