O$4.3 record spacing in report problem

David Swain dataguru at polymath-bus-sys.com
Sun Jan 17 10:36:01 EST 2010

Hi Arnold,

My question is: Why do you want to begin each Record section the same  
distance down the page from the top margin? That is what that setting  
(kFromtopmarg) means, after all. That would just print each Record  
section on top of the previous one. The setting kFromtop means "from  
the top of the previous section", which is one way to make each  
section the same height. kFollow causes the Record section to follow  
the previous one immediately (although the recordspacing setting for  
the report class would still be used if the userecspacing setting for  
the section is set to kTrue - otherwise the startspacing property is  
the one that control the spacing distance). You could always use the  
kBottom choice (which would always put the startspacing distance  
between each record section) as an alternative, although there are  
some subtle differences.

If kFromtopmarg worked in O7, was there a special page height setting  
in force that created a new page for every record? That would work  
differently in Omnis Studio, which could be the cause of your confusion.




On Jan 17, 2010, at 1:48 AM, Arnold J Levine, MD wrote:

> I am converting O7 report to O$4.3.  In O7 report record spaces  
> properly but same report in O$4.3 has no record spacing with same  
> parameters> > properties sectiontype=krecord   
> startmode=kFromtopmargin   Userrecspacing has no effect.  If I  
> change startmode to kFollow or kFromtop record spacing works.  Is  
> this a know change in O$?  Is there a way to make  
> startmode=kFromtopmargin work?  I do not know how to place method  
> in report class to make this work...

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