O$:5.0: Macintosh OS X 10.6.2 Library Icon on Dock Behaviour

Jeffrey Wright greatox at sky.com
Sun Jan 17 08:30:02 EST 2010

Hi ya

Tried your suggestions. Still can't seem to get this to work. When you talk about Studio's startup folder, are you talking about a folder that you put libraries in that auto run when Studio is launched. If so where is this - can't find any reference to a startup folder.

Surely this action of restarting your library if the library dock icon is clicked can not be right. I was expecting to see a property within Omnis that could suppress this action - but nothing.

Its going to be most confusing to an end user entering some data, going off to do something else half way through data entry, coming back by clicking on the library icon and the library restarts, losing their data.


On 17 Jan 2010, at 10:52, Kelly Burgess wrote:

> Instead of a library alias in the dock, you probably want to use a Studio alias in the dock and a library alias in Studio's startup folder.

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