O$:5.0: Macintosh OS X 10.6.2 Library Icon on Dock Behaviour

Jeffrey Wright greatox at sky.com
Sun Jan 17 04:55:38 EST 2010

Thanks for your help Kelly.

I don't have a $omnistofront() method in my startup task, but the library still restarts.

I just added a $omnistofront to my startup task to see what happens (nothing in the method). Clicking on the library dock icon when Omnis in background brings Omnis to front correctly, but if I click on library dock icon when Omnis at front (yes I know a completely unnecessary action-but something that you can do by accident) you get the library restarting.

This is confusing as its going against what you say.


On 17 Jan 2010, at 08:40, Kelly Burgess wrote:
> I just tried here (with a library that doesn't have an $omnistofront()), and I can't replicate your problem.  Studio came to the top showing all the same windows that were open when I sent it behind.

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