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Juan Bofill bofill at
Sat Jan 16 13:43:44 EST 2010

Hi again:

In order to set the printer under 10.4.11 I had to use CUPS via web  
since using the OS printer Utility to add a printer did not give the  
choice to use EPSON 9-Pi Series CUPS v1.1. Using the Print Utility  
insisted it was a postscript generic printer and there was no choice  
for the EPSON 9-Pi Series CUPS. The other problem was that the name  
of the printer shows as NETEPSON in the Print and Fax Utility and  
_192_168_1_137 if you list the printer via the web http://localhost: 
631/. Finally it worked using:

do shell script "lp -d _192_168_1_137 PRINTFILE" (thanks Kelly)

Now I need control codes for the printer. Hope they are in the Epson  
web site. In particular I need to set the number of lines to 22 so  
that the page is 1/3 of the size of a Letter. And then define a file  
format a la Xavier. (Thanks Xavier)

Thanks all!


On Jan 16, 2010, at 7:33 AM, bofill at wrote:

>    Thanks Kelly. Will give it a try.
>    ene 15, 2010 08:52:23 PM, o mnisdev-en at wrote:
>    =========   =========================   =========
>> then I  open the Script editor a nd type "lp -d NETEPSON PRINTFILE"
>> and get error. Do not know much ab out Scripts.
>    The command line that would work in Terminal will not work by  
> itself
>    in Script Editor.  Try
>      Do shell  script "lp -d NETEPSON PRINTFILE"
>    Kelly
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