O$: odd error message

Gavin Foster omnislist at dataweaver.com
Sat Jan 16 05:47:23 EST 2010

Hi Panikos,

I just saw this and I don't know if you've resolved the problem yet.   
I guess that you have a function within a calculation. The function is  
not built into the web client plugin, so it is half way through  
performing a calculation on the client and has to jump to the server,  
which it can't do.  When you are in debug mode, you are in a different  
state, effectively stepping through the full Omnis environment, which  
is server-based; hence function is no problem.

Just a guess and without your code, I can't say much more.


On 13 Jan 2010, at 07:56, Geir Fjærli wrote:

> It may be easier to suggest what the problem is if you post the  
> method in question. :)
> As for working when using a breakpoint, I will offer a highly  
> speculative guess: I suspect that if you run a client side method in  
> debug mode it doesn't actually run on the client, but rather on the  
> server. I may be wrong about this, but I cannot quite see how the  
> debugger could track a method that wasn't running on that machine at  
> all. Anyone who can confirm or dismiss this theory?
> Geir :)
> Den 12. jan. 2010 kl. 17.23 skrev Panikos Stavrou:
>> hi listers
>> when executing a remote subform method (which is set to "Execute on  
>> Client")
>> the trace log opens up and displays the error
>> "cannot call a server method when part way through evaluating a  
>> calculation"
>> it doesn't give me a method line or the command where this fails to  
>> execute
>> the weird part is, if set a breakpoint anywhere in the method and  
>> then hit
>> the go button, it executes fine.
>> any ideas?
>> panikos
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