O$: press return does not activate my OK button

Peter van Leeuwen pvanleeuwen at node.nl
Fri Jan 15 13:04:45 EST 2010


Could it be that the command "Disable enter & escape keys" is now a
library preference , and that in studio 5 it is by default true ?

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Peter van Leeuwen

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Hi Jim,

What happens if you create the same library in Studio 5, rather than  
converting from Studio 4?


On 15 Jan 2010, at 13:24, Jim Pistrang wrote:
> I created a tiny library with one window, two entry fields, and OK and
> Cancel buttons in Studio 4.  Pressing RETURN triggers the method  
> behind
> the OK button as I wish.
> When I convert the library to Studio 5, pressing OK does NOT trigger  
> the
> OK method.  So, there must be a setting in my Studio 5 environment  
> that
> is wrong.  What could it be?

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