OS: report class based on window class

Jim Pistrang jim at jpcr.com
Fri Jan 15 08:32:57 EST 2010

Hi Geir,

Yes, I know that this is an option.  It may be good enough in some
cases, but some windows have scrolling lists where the entire contents
need to appear in the report, and 'Print Top' will only print what is visible.

Too bad you can't just copy/paste like in the olden days...

The notation idea is a good one, and in fact Jean-Marc VOEGELI sent me a
little sample app, I will probably use it to save a little typing.


>Depending on you requirements of course. But if you mean 'print the
>window' literally, there is a command for that in Omnis: Print top window.
>It basically prints a screen shot of the topmost window. It will of
>course be a bitmap in screen resolution, but it will be the window as
>seen on screen, with data and labels, frame, buttons, background colors
>and all.
>Not sure if it exists in a runtime version of Omnis, and I don't have a
>runtime installed to test it with right now.

Jim Pistrang
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