OS: report class based on window class

Peter van Rooij petervanrooij at wanadoo.nl
Fri Jan 15 03:58:31 EST 2010

Hello Jim

I see 2 possibilities

1. Maybe not for the lazy : You could use notation to 'mirror' the  
fields and labels from the window to the report-class (this makes it  
reusable and versatile)
2. You could make a screen shot and print that



On 14 jan 2010, at 21:24, Jim Pistrang wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a window with many labels and entry fields - all of the entry
> fields have a dataname of iSqlRow.DATANAME, where iSqlRow is a row
> variable defined with a $definefromsqlclass.
> I need to be able to 'print the window', so I basically need a report
> class that looks the same as the window class, with the same labels  
> and
> fields.  I thought I could copy/paste the labels and fields from the
> window class to the report class, but Studio 5 doesn't let me do it.
> Is there a good way for a (lazy) programmer to build the report class,
> or do I need to do a lot of typing?
> Jim
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