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what Andy said... but... to get from here to there, we've done "quick 
fix" on data files and the data in these slots have reappeared.

every year, before "downsizing," we run our ODFs to 15 segments. w/ 
network burps and other issues corrupting our data, we've done a fair 
amount of datafile fixing. its embarrassing to say, but we've used 
"quick fix" to save us waaaaaay too many times.

that said, i've spent time in the BTS dealing w/ others' ODFs, and with 
it on several projects, and the thing which provides the most solid ODF 
is the export and reimport into a clean ODF. (when i was in BTS, of 
course, we NEVER recommended "quick fix.")

by-the-by, our ODF is now off of the appleshare server and onto our EMC 
Cellera storage. we take snapshots every half hour, and have an 
automated process check twice a day, sending an email confirmation to 
developers. (we like email notifications. ALOT. and i have filters to 
make sure the deserving make their way to the appropriate circular 
folder.) we have had an instance where our ODF was so badly damaged, the 
snapshot came in handy.

in my first project on my own (pre-notation, o7v1 days), we had several 
sites. i sneakernetted the updates (categories) to the satellite sites 
and (data) back. part of that was an export, which relied on a 
create/most recently changed date, something in every file format. to do 
this, i wrote a generic routine that exported all data for a time slice. 
something like this can be automated to run to always have a backup. 
depending on how much of your data gets changed and how often, this may 
work for you. even if you don't have common naming schemes for your 
columns, you can use a list w/ fields for file format name, key, and 
date fields to accomplish this.

On 1/14/2010 12:41 PM, Andy Hilton wrote:
> Export and import in any event would be the safest here in my own experience - no matter whether you *can* resolve the multiple file names issue or not !
> Andy
> On Jan 14, 2010, at 12:28 PM, wizardcompserv at aol.com wrote:
>> hi all
>> I am hoping someone can help me.
>> I have a customer with a 6 segment database - they have been having some
>> problems so I have today got a copy of the database.
>> By going through the software I can see the data and get at the information
>> but ..... if I do a Check data or Examine data file some of the file
>> names  are repeated many times and a lot of the names are missing - is there a
>> way out  of this - or am I in for a complete export and import?
>> Many thanks for your help
>> Regards
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