Web Tree Control

Gavin Foster omnislist at dataweaver.com
Wed Jan 13 14:28:27 EST 2010

Hi all,

For the benefit of the list, below is the solution to the web tree  
control. I assumed the controls properties would take care of things  
but it requires 5 columns for its own internal workings.
Help was provided by Kelly and Nicky of Tiger Logic.
Thanks guys!

The $datamode property defaults to kTreeDataFlatList, so you must add  
a necessary trailing five columns to your list ($iconid $ident  
$enterable $isexpanded $textcolor).  What was happening before was I  
gave it a three column list in $dataname, and it went to the last  
column for $textcolor, the first was used for $enterable, and there  
were no columns left to use for displayed data.  You've gotta have at  
least 8 columns for a 3-deep tree.

The webtree doesn't support multiple columns so you may need to think  
of an alternative interface for showing the additional data.
With regards to the tree data itself, what format are you building the  
tree list as ?

The webtree does support $dataname, but the structure of the tree list  
columns needed to corrospond to the $datamode of the tree.
For example, the default tree datamode is kTreeDataFlatList and the  
structure looks like this :

Do iList.$define(root,child,iconid,ident,enterable,showexpand,textcolor)
Do iList.$add("root","",0,1,0,0,0)
Do iList.$add("root","child1",0,2,0,0,0)
Do iList.$add("root","child2",0,3,0,0,0)

For more info on this structure see the manual or this technote :

The technote I noticed had a couple of mistakes so better check the  
programming manual for tree lists.

There are various datamode on the webtree. FlatListTags is the same as  
above, but an extra column at the end ( tag ) used for whatever you  
want. The other XML datamodes were for an internal development and I'm  
not sure got documented.

Also, if you don't switch on the multipage of icons ( containing the  
tree expand box ) on the remote form no icons will be sent to the  
client and it may look like your tree root node doesn't have any  
children. Clicking on the node will still expand/collapse the root.

If you set $iconpages of the remote form and send down the multipage  
icons all will be ok.

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