Impact Printer OSX

Mike Matthews omnis at
Wed Jan 13 05:22:51 EST 2010

My big problem was drifting in the lines, with vertical creep.  I  
added line numbers to see that I padded out the detail section ok, but  
when I sent the text file via TFTP, the paper would creep.  I was  
sending an invoice at a time, 66 lines, etc, so the time spent was  
trying to find out why the creep was there.

So I gave up and went graphic route, but both options are network  
aware of course.  The speed was great with TFTP, but didn't really  
work for an odd reason.


On 13 Jan 2010, at 10:02, Kelly Burgess wrote:

>> But using the USBtalk thingy may be a better way, I was using the  
>> TFTP route.  It just took time and left me standing on the same  
>> spot surrounded by a mountain of paper.
> If you have a TFTP capable printer, you wouldn't have the sharing  
> issue that I had to resolve with the Applescript, or the requirement  
> that the connected machine needs to have the app running if other  
> machines want to print.  Not an issue if your printers are  
> dedicated. USBTalk is just another transport (open/read/write/close)  
> once you have the job assembled, and if a printer could do both, I'd  
> think TFTP would be as fast or faster than USB, but that's just a  
> guess.  I just don't know enough about TFTP, so I can't say that  
> USBTalk would solve any problems you were having with it.  Don't  
> know if 'It just took time' meant printing was slow or coding was  
> tedious.  If the former, could the difference be that you were  
> issuing a lot of sends to print each bit, vs sending one big chunk?
> Kelly
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