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Last time I tried something similar was with Omnis 3 and image writer.  
Do not remember any of that. Never did any COBOL but FORTRAN lots of  
it. I thought that Studio would be easier...


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>> Yes it does, and they are not nice.  Studio still uses COM & LPT  
>> ports
>> for printing direct ascii to the printer.  Not seen those for many
>> moons, but you can upgrade by adding a card.
>> Mac users are stuffed however, I have had to use the graphic print
>> driver for Epson with OSX, works ok even over TCP/IP, but slow.
>> Another way with Epson printers with network cards is to send the  
>> text
>> file via TFTP to the printer.  I had problems keeping registration,
>> but the printer can go at it's max speed.
>> Not as good as the old days however.
> As mentioned by Mike here, Mac users are difficult to deal with and  
> even PC
> users are too with impact printers via Studio.  Last time I tried to  
> print
> directly, Omnis was very happy to strip all of the control  
> characters I had
> inserted into the report to print.  Thus making it into a NLQ output  
> which
> while nice to look at, was not what was desired.
> If you're looking to create very fast dumps of typical line reports or
> invoices, then the Epson printers work well for that IF you get  
> their Type-B
> card (I think that's what it is called).  It has a network  
> connection built
> in as well as a trivial FTP server.  You can then create a report  
> within
> Studio using the printer's control characters and then open a FTP  
> connection
> to the printer and send it the job and it will happily print exactly  
> (and I
> mean exactly) what you send it.  I get all teary eyed when I do  
> these kinds
> of jobs as it reminds me of the good old COBOL days:
> CURRENT-SALES-OUT     PIC $$,$$9.99.
> Mac or PC then - works just fine and if using draft mode, wicked fast.
> Here's a link to the card's details:
> Regards,
> Joe Maus
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