O$: 07 to Studio

Juan Bofill bofill at cantv.net
Mon Jan 11 13:26:55 EST 2010

That is easy to do. What I was really missing was the modify search  
button which is also easy to do. No problem.



On 11-01-2010, at 10:27, Geir Fjærli wrote:

> Build one yourself: Make a list using the "Build search list"  
> command, and a little window to display the list, and then use "Set  
> search name" to set the selected search. You can make it modal  
> using "Enter data" or not as suits your needs.
> Haven't used search classes in Studio, so I didn't realize it was  
> gone...
> Geir :)
> Den 11. jan. 2010 kl. 15.39 skrev Juan Bofill:
>> Dear all:
>> I miss the 07 command "Prompt for search format". Is there an easy  
>> way to implement this at run time?
>> Thanks!
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