OO: a paradigm question

Geir Fjærli omnis at sunshinedata.com
Sun Jan 10 14:23:13 EST 2010

Hi Doug. Are you picking a fight here? <g>

I hope that is not all he asked, because then I answered the wrong question. :)

What I read, and answered, was:

> If everything works great in a parent windows with buttons and one list,
> what could I do to have this list wider, or to add a field (column) in it,
> or to have my button in a different position?

So, the way I understood it he wants to resize an inherited field and move an inherited button in the subclass, without using code. Do that and I stand corrected....

Anyway, what you described using a superclass method and passing parameters to it seems to be about what I suggested as a workaround. (I also suggested using the default values of overloaded instance vars for the purpose.) Unfortunately, also what he wanted to avoid:

> Please don't tell me I have to redraw it assigning every property via $cinst
> commands

All we have done is move the code to the superclass for him. It is still code, rather than using the property manager to change the properties in the subclass.

Geir :)

Den 10. jan. 2010 kl. 20.00 skrev Doug Easterbrook:

> hi Franco:
> despite what Geir said, you can do what you want very easily because we have done it many many times.

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