R: R: OO: a paradigm question

Franco Maregotto franco at hotelaqua.it
Sun Jan 10 08:48:12 EST 2010

Sorry Rainer
I did not test it in debug mode..
But for sure it will raise no error, as for sure Fred will organize a
fantastic EurOmnis 2010.
Geir will find a last minute airplane, Mike will take 8456958 photos, Fred
will appear extremely tired since morning, Jean Marc will announce to the
world that he has become a comedian using Studio just for fun..
and all the guys will discuss in the lounge bar about code and women with a
bier in the hand and a mouse in the other.
Unfortunately there are still 10 long months to go..
And today it's a tedious Sunday


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so if Fred wouldnt organize a Euromnis 2010, youll run into an endless  
In Automotive, we would build a watchdog routine around it..


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