Building a C# EXE for us

Gary Connor gary_connor at
Sat Jan 9 21:17:05 EST 2010

   I won't= be able to find it until Monday, but I have a free program that
   does= outgoing packet capture including the stream before SSL encoding - so
   you= can see what you need.

   Gary Connor

   gary_connor at

   > Hi= Rudolph,


   > The personal edition= of SoapSonar doesn't do ssl, which the

   > services I connected= to required, but it did provide a form where

   > you could enter data= into the inputs of the request and it would

   > show you the xml that= you would send to the service. Does it not do

   > that for the WCF= service?


   > Once you have the xml,= then that's when you use the internet

   > explorer control or= java object directly from Omnis to make the

   > request using= ssl.


   > John= Boehme

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   >>> Hi= John,


   >>> We have a= WSDL, but all the other tools we normally use to test

   >>> and analyze= web services fail against a WCF web service, or

   >>> don't= provide us with a trace of the XML sent to the web

   >>>= service.


   >>> The= SoapSonar Personal Edition cannot be used as the web

   >>> service is= built using WCF, WCF requires the use of SSL/HTTPS.

   >>> This is a= limitation of the Personal Edition. Still waiting for

   >>> a link to= the Enterprise Edition. Thanks for the tip.


   >>>= Regards


   >>>= Rudolf


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   >>> Hi= Rudolph,


   >>> If it is a= true web service that they are providing, then what

   >>> they should= be able to provide you is a wsdl file. If they

   >>> can't do= this, you should tell them to get of their arses and

   >>> generate= one. This is an xml file that describes the interface

   >>> for the web= service that is used by automated tools for

   >>> connecting= to the web service.


   >>> Once you= have that, you can use a free tool called

   >>> SoapSonar,= that will analyze the wsdl file and provides a neat

   >>> interface= that will give you sample xml packages that can be

   >>> sent to the= web services. The free version of SoapSonar doesn't

   >>> make calls= to a secure web service, but, it will still provide

   >>> the sample= xml packages to be sent. You can then use these

   >>> sample xml= packages to formulate your request, and send the

   >>> package to= the web service using the Windows internet explorer

   >>> control, or= I've heard, you can use a java object if you're on

   >>> a Mac. Once= you're sending the appropriate packages, you'll be

   >>> able to see= what they are returning and parse the xml

   >>>= appropriately.


   >>> I've done= this a couple of times so far. It's pretty straight

   >>> forward to= communicate to a web service once you have the

   >>> definition= of the interface (the wsdl file). The only external

   >>> you need is= the internet explorer contol (or java object) that

   >>> will make= the request with ssl. You can use oXML, or not, to

   >>> put together= the package and view the response package.


   >>> Hope this= helps. Good luck.


   >>> John= Boehme

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   >>>>>= Hi,


   >>>>> A= customer of ours has a new web service written in C#


   >>> using WCF.= We

   >>>>> need to= be able to call the web service, pass parameters to

   >>>>> the= service and receive the response in order to process the


   >>> response= in

   >>>>> Omnis= Studio. Is there anyone out there that would be


   >>> able to= take

   >>>>> the= demo C#, compile the demo, and then convert the code


   >>> to a= simple

   >>>>> EXE= file where we could pass the necessary web service


   >>> parameters= as

   >>>>> an XML= file as a parameter to the EXE and specify a


   >>> return file= name

   >>>>> where= the response is stored. The one web service we need


   >>> to call= has

   >>>>> one= parameter. The web service uses username

   >>>= authentication and SSL,

   >>>>> which= makes sniffing the packets to find out what XML I


   >>> need to= send

   >>>>> via= WebWin very difficult.


   >>>>> The web= service client functionality in Studio is


   >>> limited, so= I am

   >>>>> trying= to find an alternative. soapUI failed me, in this


   >>> case,= and

   >>>>> other= web service testing tools had their problems. And I

   >>>>> doubt= developing xcomps in C# is supported.


   >>>>> Anyone= out there interested.


   >>>>>= Regards


   >>>>> Rudolf= Bargholz

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