Registering omdotnet.dll on Windows7 x64

Rudolf Bargholz bargholz at
Sat Jan 9 03:27:54 EST 2010


Regarding my previous post "AW: NO: Building a C# EXE for us":

>> Although I must say, we use Omnis Studio 4.3 non-unicode, and I am currently having problems getting the omdotnet.dll registered according to the Studio docs on Windows7 x64 (Windows 2003 server x64 works fine), so I am a little reluctant to use .NET objects in Studio at the moment, unless I can find a workaround. We will be installing a Windows 7 x32 next month, and perhaps this will work better.<<

Need to correct myself here. On Windows7 it seems to be important to type the RegAsm.exe in the correct case, otherwise the DLL will not register correctly. I have now gotten the omdotnet.dll registered successfully on Studio (non-unicode) running on Windows 7 x64. Using "regasm.exe" failed to register the DLL. Also, it is important to open the command prompt with admin rights, but this is documented in the "Extending Omnis" PDF.


Rudolf Bargholz

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