NO: Building a C# EXE for us

Rainer Greim rainer_greim at
Fri Jan 8 12:59:34 EST 2010

Hi Rudolf,
couldnt you download the Epressedition from MS and compile by yourself.


Am 08.01.2010 um 18:44 schrieb Rudolf Bargholz:

> Hi,
> A customer of ours has a new web service written in C# using WCF. We  
> need to be able to call the web service, pass parameters to the  
> service and receive the response in order to process the response in  
> Omnis Studio. Is there anyone out there that would be able to take  
> the demo C#, compile the demo, and then convert the code to a simple  
> EXE file where we could pass the necessary web service parameters as  
> an XML file as a parameter to the EXE and specify a return file name  
> where the response is stored. The one web service we need to call  
> has one parameter. The web service uses username authentication and  
> SSL, which makes sniffing the packets to find out what XML I need to  
> send via WebWin very difficult.
> The web service client functionality in Studio is limited, so I am  
> trying to find an alternative. soapUI failed me, in this case, and  
> other web service testing tools had their problems. And I doubt  
> developing xcomps in C# is supported.
> Anyone out there interested.
> Regards
> Rudolf Bargholz
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