Problem with Studio Windows 2003 Terminal Server an Print Spooler

Rudolf Bargholz bargholz at
Fri Jan 8 06:31:33 EST 2010


We are having problems with Omnis Studio running on a Windows 2003 x64 Terminal Server with regard to the print spooler.

1) We start the omnis.exe (no library)
2) Omnis seems to hang, but after about four minutes Studio resumes a normal active state
3) Any process that accesses printer information, e.g. Page Setup, will hang Omnis for about four minutes, then resume normal processing.
4) We can manually start our Studio application library. Again, Studio hangs for a couple of minutes.
5) After a couple of minutes Studio resumes normal processing.
6) Printing to screen again takes four minutes.
7) After waiting for four minutes I can successfully print to the printer.

If I start our app and wait until all the timeouts have happened, I am able to successfully print in our app using Omnis Studio.

While Omnis hangs the rundll32.exe takes up a lot of resources. This DLL is associated with the spoolsv.exe (Windows Print Spooler). This correlates to the information above that accessing printer functions in Studio hangs Omnis for a couple of minutes.

If I stop the Print Spooler, the problem no longer occurs and Studio starts normally and functions normally, but of course printing fails.

Other applications running on the server start normally and do not seem to call the spoolsv.exe. Printing from other applications is no problem.

Starting Studio in a console as the administrator does not show any problems. I can start Studio normally and print normally.

I have removed all printers from this server except the "Microsoft XPS Printer".

I am guessing this is some sort of permission problem, but have no idea where to look at the moment and have already spent a couple of days trying to get this constellation up and running for one of our customers, to no avail. Currently we are setting up a Windows 2003 x32 Server to test in this constellation.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? Any help greatly appreciated.


Rudolf Bargholz

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