O7 : Changing color in table

Jim Creak jim at jacsoft.co.nz
Tue Jan 5 03:46:05 EST 2010

Things to try:

Have you tried leaving the table Enterable, but disable $active

Have you tried leaving the table Enterable, and setting the Row objs  
to be Non-Enterable.

Have you tried changing .$backcolor ?  I tend to do both to make sure  
I get the colour I want:
calculate VF_Ref(1198,1).$backcolor as 8
calculate VF_Ref(1198,1).$forecolor as 8
Of course if you have set the pattern right it is not an issue,  but  
I have used this for both enterable and display items.

Other things to check:

Have you got two fields on top of each other
Is your item a Background obj?  (Then use Set reference VF_Ref as  


JACSoft Programming Ltd.

On 5/01/2010, at 2:37 AM, a a wrote:

> Hello
> I want to change color of a field in a line of a table
> I use this
> Set reference VF_Ref to $cwind.$objs.1197.$tabrobjs
> Calculate VF_Ref(1198;1).$forecolor as 8
> This work only if my table is ENTERABLE
> How can I do this in a non enterable table ?
> Thanks
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