Sort fields getting the best of me...

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Sun Jan 3 16:23:35 EST 2010

Hey Stefan,

Yeah but in there lies the problem don't it. I'm trying to encapsulate
the logic regarding a report inside of that report (and preferably
having all the nitty gritty stuff that is always the same in my base
class). That means I do all my additional setup in the $construct of the

Besides, I'm using an instance variable inside the report that contains
the data, it doesn't exist yet before the report is constructed. I think
that is the whole problem with the sort field definition inside of the
report. It gets set when the report constructs but since the list at
that point in time is still undefined.... But I could be completely wrong.

It does seem to work though.. but its confusing the heck out of me.



Stefan Csomor wrote:
> Hi Bas
> I'm probably stating the obvious: if I had a report set up and sorted
> afterwards, and after this started printing, then just before printing I had
> to reset the report, otherwise printing got messed up, I used Set report
> name [sys(80)] for this 'reset sort fields for printing'. So I assume
> reports are using the same global sort fields. So in your case which seems
> to be the other way round, I think you have to setup things after the 'Set
> report name'
> Just my 0.02$
> Best,
> Stefan
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