Web Service Client passing objects

Faulkner White faulkner72 at mac.com
Thu Dec 30 18:36:13 EST 2010

We have been using web services as both client and server and it works well, except I have only passed simple data parameters like row, char, etc.

We now would like to access EchoSign's web services and they employ objects as parameters and this just isn't working. I used the wizard to create the object and java code and as long as the web service in question doesn't require an object as a parameter, it works. The following is an example of a web service call to EchoSign that does require an object parameter:

$createUser requires a key which is a string for parm 1 and an object called UserCreationInfo.

This seems to be ok, the wizard has built everything in accordance with the wsdl so the object looks like this:

Calculate lUserInfo as $extobjects.JavaObjs Library.$objects.//JavaObjs\WebServices\O_Echo.jar\echosign\api\dto\UserCreationInfo//.$newref()

where lUserInfo is an object reference.

This statement seems to declare the object because I can go to the interface manager on the object reference and see the methods.

Then I do a $createobject with the parameters specified in the EchoSign docs to construct the object:

Do lUserInfo.$createobject(pSenderEmail,pSenderPassword, pfirstName,pLastName)

This is where it comes off the rails - I don't think it is creating the object here.  At any rate I should be able to pass the object to the web service thusly:

Do	iWSRef.$createUser(iAPIKey,lUserInfo)

Where iWSRef is the EchoSign web service object contructed by the wizard from the wsdl.

I get nothing back from this call - nada - no return code, no error message, no result XML.

However, if I do a $verifyUser, which has three string parameters, it comes back just fine. It's just the object parms that don't work.

Has anyone successfully accessed a web service requiring object parms?

Faulkner White

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