o7: Pic field contents to JPG, PNG, etc file

todd aron, senior developer, software development taron at competitrack.com
Mon Dec 27 14:39:29 EST 2010

On 12/27/2010 1:49 PM, Doug Easterbrook wrote:
> on O7, if the same commands are still there, you can do it.
> if they are not available on O7 (dusted out the manuals, don't think they are), then you can do what we have done in the past.   I beleive that shared picture format is really PNG.   so, you can
> a) create a PNG
> b) put it in omnis 7
> c) export it to a file
> d) COMPARE using a file binary tool     You'll find that there is
>    -- a marker on what kind of picture it is
>    -- and some header stuff that omnis sticks in place
> the only thing you care about is the binary/header stuff at the beginning... and if you write the binary stuff after the omnis header...   you should get a picture back.  once you know how long the header bytes are, you should be ok as they are a constant amount if I recall.
> hope that works.    We've done it to ressurect pictures/ wmf files out of an omnis picture field...     but that was about 8 years back.


I've tried simply writingbinfile. It makes sense that missing is the/a 


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