o7: Pic field contents to JPG, PNG, etc file

todd aron, senior developer, software development taron at competitrack.com
Mon Dec 27 10:43:16 EST 2010

Dear Mr Matthews,

On 12/27/2010 10:24 AM, Mike Matthews wrote:
> Blimey, that's a hard one.  Not sure it can be done, picture stuff is limited in 07, but I wait to be proved incorrect again.
> The one way I get pictures is by printing a report to a PDF file, then emailing it to me.

Thanks for getting back so quickly.

How's size on the PDFs?

A challenge is that this is an "under the radar" mini project, and to 
install PDF print object on the users' desktops may be a showstopper.

They're already saving screenshots; perhaps easy to just have them 
continue to do that, and post paths in the email.

Another notion is to simply post the o7 image to some binary field in 
Ora, then deal w/ the conversion on my end. If memory serves, o7 has 
some limitations on which xLOB field it can use, but I've done it 
elsewhere in the app.

May you and Apple be on better terms in the upcoming.


Be well,

ps Not chilling the vino collapso these days; more mulling it, and 
looking forward to same on arrival to homestead after a leisurely walk 
thru the deep and white. May you be keeping things warm by whatever 
means expeditious.

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