o7: Pic field contents to JPG, PNG, etc file

todd aron, senior developer, software development taron at competitrack.com
Mon Dec 27 10:16:13 EST 2010


How to programmatically save the contents of an o7 picture field to a 
JPG, PNG, etc file?

Tons of hints in the archives of how to display a JPG, PNG, etc in an 
Omnis pic field; we've got a handle on that. Its the OTHER way w/ which 
I'm befuddled.

The big picture:
- Allow user to take screenshot(s) and paste it into an o7 pic field, so 
user can send error reports.

I'll be collecting the state of the app and computer programmatically.

My fallback is to have user create the file externally, save, and select 
the file.

This is for windows (xp/w7), o7v3.8.0/1.

Thanks, and holiday wellwishes!

Be well,

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