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Fri Dec 24 10:23:07 EST 2010

I would like to add to my greetings - to all on the list for their  help 
and support  in the last year - I wish you all a very Happy Christmas  and 
very best wished for 2011
Kind  Regards
Wendy Osbaldestin
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In a message dated 24/12/2010 15:20:51 GMT Standard Time, eyeway1 at 

It's my  turn to thank everybody in the list for the support they gave me 
during  this year.

I wish you a very happy Christmas and an equally happy and  prosperous 
new year!


Στις 24/12/2010 3:31 μμ, ο/η Dr  Caroline Wilkins έγραψε:
> Thank you to all indeed! How would we all  manage without the List?! 
> Thank you in particular to all who have  answered my questions and 
> given so kindly and freely of their time to  do so this year - and for 
> the past 10 years :)
> I  would like to wish everyone a happy, peaceful and love-filled 
>  Christmas and all blessings in the New Year.
>  Love
> Caroline
> On 24/12/2010 12:45,  Fred Brinkman wrote:
>> It's Christmas eve...
>>  A big Thank You to all you guys helping whenever Omnis problems were  
>> making life hard,
>> A big Thank You to the List-Moms  for everything they do for the Omnis 
>> community
>> A big  Thank You to everybody helping to make EurOmnis a success  again.
>> To everybody on this list a Merry Christmas and  best wishes for the 
>> new year to come!
>>  Fred.
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Kind  Regards,

George Panagopoulos
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