O$ 5.1 Postgres databse logon

George Panagopoulos eyeway1 at otenet.gr
Mon Dec 20 15:41:30 EST 2010

Hi Fotis,

Here is my code:

Do tSessObj.$port.$assign(iDBPort)
Do tSessObj.$socket.$assign(iDBSocket)
Do tSessObj.$database.$assign('lynx')
Do tSessObj.$logon(iDBServer,'eyeway','pan7100','LynxSess') Returns iStatus

This same code worked for MySQL but on Postres is not working.
Although I connect to the database and create the session object, I 
cannot see the database name.
Is it possible that my Postgres installation is wrong?
By the way, I am using Postgres 9.0 on Windows Vista and XP with the 
same results.

Thanks ,


Στις 20/12/2010 9:41 μμ, ο/η Fotis Georgiadis έγραψε:
> Hi George,
> You need to first assign the database, then logon the session (if you use session objects)
> Example:
> Do lvSession.$database.$assign('databaseName')
> Do lvSession.$logon('localhost';'userName';'userPassword') Returns #F
> Then you can set the statement object etc...
> HTH,
> Fotis
> On 20 Δεκ 2010, at 6:25 μ.μ., George Panagopoulos wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I thought I give a try to postgres database and so I installed it to my test machine, migrate my MySql database to it and test it.
>> After successfully logged on to the database I thought I try a SQL statement.
>> Nothing! I searched a bit to find out what was wrong and I have found that the table in the statement needs a reference to the table.
>> So this: SELECT * FROM sidebar  doesn't work
>> This : SELECT * FROM lynx.sidebar works.
>> I presume that during the logon the $database doesn't pass the database name to the session object or I am not doing it right.
>> By consequence, $select() and $fetch() do not work either.
>> Any suggestions?
>> TIA
>> -- 
>> Kind Regards,
>> George Panagopoulos
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>> ByteCom
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