O$ 5.1 Postgres databse logon

George Panagopoulos eyeway1 at otenet.gr
Mon Dec 20 11:25:31 EST 2010

Hi all,

I thought I give a try to postgres database and so I installed it to my 
test machine, migrate my MySql database to it and test it.
After successfully logged on to the database I thought I try a SQL 
Nothing! I searched a bit to find out what was wrong and I have found 
that the table in the statement needs a reference to the table.

So this: SELECT * FROM sidebar  doesn't work
  This : SELECT * FROM lynx.sidebar works.

I presume that during the logon the $database doesn't pass the database 
name to the session object or I am not doing it right.
By consequence, $select() and $fetch() do not work either.

Any suggestions?


Kind Regards,

George Panagopoulos
Omnis Programmer

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