Sub-Contract Work Available

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Thu Dec 16 16:58:39 EST 2010

Hey Cliff,

Yeh, we don't do much business outside the US.  So any ip series that starts
to pound us with spam, we just block the whole series.  If the spam is
coming within the US then we us other measures.  This automatically wacks
out thousands of spam a day.  At least twice a year though...we run into a
problem like this...where someone we want to converse with can't get

Were you tyring to get through as well Cliff?  Love you humor by the way. :)

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On 12/16/2010 03:33 PM, bgermann wrote:
> Hello Fred,
> Sorry about that.  I need to put the IP address of your mail server in 
> our firewall.  I added the IP  If that is incorrect, 
> please tell me the correct IP.

It seems to be quite an effort on both the sender's and your part for
someone to send you an email. What's the idea there? Is this someone's idea
of an anti-spam strategy? If so, it also looks suspiciously like an
anti-mail strategy. :)

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