How to close / destruct a subform?

Vik Shah Vik at
Thu Dec 16 01:07:05 EST 2010


In our Web Client application we have got a few subform's that we use
commonly amongst many parts of our application. I was navigating in such a
way that I specifically closed off all the remote forms that I did not need.

When I tried to view the subform's stack (from the omnis IDE) and select the
active subform, to my surprise I found many instances of that subform still

Thinking that I was seeing double (its late in the day...) I repeated this
and the results are the same.

When you open a remote form that has a subform and then close the remote
form using $ctask.$closeform('the_rf_name') the $destruct of the closing
remote form runs but the $destruct of the sub-form's instance does *not*

Am I missing something obvious here, how do I close a subform?

Looking at the manual, the subforms/subwindows should destruct when the
parent form/window closes.

Has anyone seen this behaviour?

Vik Shah
mystrata Pty. Ltd. 

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