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Michael Rowan mike.rowan at internode.on.net
Sun Dec 12 06:03:47 EST 2010

Thanks Kelly, once again.  I should have thought of looking there but I did  not imagine the behaviour was intentional.

Have a great Christmas.

On 12/12/2010, at 2:58 PM, Kelly Burgess wrote:

> Hi Mike,
>> .. Studio 4.3.2 on Mac  ...  One droplist works with a datalist having 2000 lines, the other a datalist of perhaps a hundred.
> There's the reason.  The docs say
>  - If the theme is kBGThemeControl, and provided the list has <= 1000 lines,
>    the dropdown list looks and behaves as a popup menu (the standard form of
>    dropdown list on OS X).
>  - If the theme is kBGThemeWindow, the dropdown list behaves like a normal
>    dropdown list, and has a standard themed OS X appearance. In the case
>    where the list has 1001 lines or more, and theme kBGThemeControl, the
>    look and behavior becomes that of kBGThemeWindow.
> Kelly
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