iOS iImageView Bugs

"Raymond W. Treß" ray at
Wed Dec 8 09:30:41 EST 2010

Hmmh, as far as I understand the iImageViewControl is used to show up an Image from one of 4 sources :
Camera,CameraRoll,Photolib and a  prompt(?). So, the evImageSelected event will occur if the user has chosen an Image from one of this sources.
The simulator doesn't contain any Camera / CameraRoll.So there is nothing to be selected isn't it ?

 I haven't checked the prompt-source and guess that the PhotoLibrary one is Mac only.

Hardwired assignment of a .png is (of course) no problem.

$regs ray

Am 08.12.2010 um 10:00 schrieb Lars Schärer:

> Hi List,
> has anyone succesfully worked with iImageView?
> It does not work in my setup.
> Using the iPhone Simulator with omnis running on a windows machine
> i can:
> - set $rawimage at designtime
> - at runtime load an image from an iconpage with $dataname set to an integer var
> i can not:
> - get evImageSelected fired to get pimageData into the binary variable in $dataname
> (yes, event is enabled in the control; i also copied the code form the whats new pdf to exclude typos) 
> - set $rawimage at runtime
> - load an image from with $dataname set to an binary variable containing the image
> Any wisdom?
> LArs
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