O$: Command Line Tool to print pdf documents from specific paper tray?

Dr. Robert-Andreas Schöning it-consulting at ra-schoening.de
Wed Dec 8 06:33:27 EST 2010

Hi folks,


using O$ 4.3 in combination with external pdf documents we wish to print
them on a specific printer from a specific paper tray. Do you know if
there’s a tool that can be addressed from O$ to print a document in the
background fetching the paper from a specific paper bin (PaperBin Codes are


We use Amyuni PDF Suite ActiveX which is normally capable of setting the PDF
Pages PaperBin property but unfortunately not from Omnis. 


Another Command Line Tools (VeryPDF PDFPrint) is able to set the right tray
but this setting is stored in the printer and cannot be reversed.


So, are there other tools (freeware or not) or possibilities (Call DLL 
that can solve this issue?


Any help is highly appreciated.










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