O$ Notationally restore a window under MS Windows

Jorge A. Arias omnis2 at valhallasystems.net
Mon Dec 6 19:26:39 EST 2010

Hi Alex,

You can create a public method in the window or in the superclass of the
window (if is there one) named "$restore"
Inside you can use the following lines:

Do $cinst.$width.$assign($cinst.$class().$width)
Do $cinst.$height.$assign($cinst.$class().$height)

Best regards,
Jorge A. Arias

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Hi All,

I'm working with window management in Studio 5.0.1 under Microsoft Windows.
I can notationally maximize a window instance using $maximize() and minimize
it using $minimize(). But, I can't find a way to restore the window. There
is no $restore() or 4GL command that seems it will do the trick. Does anyone
know how to accomplish this?


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