O$5.1 - encstr

Peter van Rooij petervanrooij29 at upcmail.nl
Sun Dec 5 03:12:31 EST 2010

Hello Dawid

There is an extra parameter in the decstr() function;

decstr(pfPref,lKey,kFalse)		;;decstr(string[,key,unicode=ktrue])

The kFalse tells Omnis to decrypt it in a 'non-unicode' way.



On 5 dec 2010, at 09:03, Dawid Mocke wrote:

> Hi List,
> I have been using this function to encode db passwords stored in text based
> config files for a couple of years now.
> It works beautifully.
> However I am running into a challenge on V5 of Studio that by default is
> Unicode enabled.
> On earlier version I have issues when trying to use decstr() to decrypt the
> string.
> decstr works fine on Windows 7 platform, but on I have problems decrypting
> on earlier versions (especially if the password was encrypted with V5
> unicode app).
> If it was encrypted with previous V4 version of the app, these OS's does not
> have issues decrypting the passwords, only when a 'new' password is
> encrypted with the V5 upgraded app.
> I am running the app on various version of Windows OS's (clients have not
> all upgraded to even XP yet....yes you read right!  I have clients that are
> still running Windows 2000 workstations!!!).
> My question is this:
> How can I force encstr and decstr functions to treat the password in a
> non-unicode way?  Maybe I am slow, sorry for asking silly questions.
> kindest regards,
> -- 
> Dawid Mocke
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