Error download file using FTPGet

Trif Ionut itrif at
Fri Dec 3 03:46:56 EST 2010

Hi $all,


in an Omnis 4.2 application we have a function wich handle a FTP connection.
The connection to the FTP site works perfect, the upload of the files also,
instead the download , using FTPGet always return -1110 error "FTP file not
found, or no access to file".

We use binary transfer mode. 

We don't think a rights problems because using anyother FTP tool: Total
Comander, or even the internet browser the transfer work. Also it's not a
problem of firewall, antivirus because happends from different computers

We suspect that the ftp site accept only "passive" transfer but we are not
sure. It's possible in omnis to set the option for "Passive" download ? Any
other suggestion ?





Trif Ionut Razvan

Coregain Romania



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