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On 12/02/2010 06:28 AM, Wizardcompserv at wrote:
> hi all
> I am picking brains again.
> Apparently in an email there are fields stored that show if the  user has
> clicked on that email and downloaded the picture fields and the number  of
> times they have opened the email.
> Do you know if there is a way of accessing these fields in Omnis.
> I use Kelly's msmail.dll to access emails

Hi Wendy,

There is nothing in the headers that I know of in standard email 
protocols that stores open rates or click through rates. Proprietary 
email clients, like Lotus Notes as long as you're using it with a Notes 
server, can do things like that but not regular email, whether it is 
plain-text or HTML. Open rates are tracked on the server side by how 
many times a particular graphic file is downloaded. It's not very 
accurate because many email clients, Gmail, Thunderbird, on mobile 
devices, etc., default to not downloading graphics. It wouldn't be hard 
to track that per recipient. Click throughs are the same. You have a 
unique URL per recipient per email and just record when that URL is 
called if the reader clicks on it.

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