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Thu Dec 2 06:57:42 EST 2010

hi Alain
Many thanks for that - you have explained it much better than the  
customer!!  My application will only be dealing with the emails not the web  site.  
Do you know if the report is sent by email to the client?  If  so I could 
pick that up with its contents
Kind  Regards
Wendy Osbaldestin
Wizard Computer Services ( 
Tel:  01260271647

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Hello  Wendy,

As far as I know this is the case only when you produce HTML  message 
with hyperlinks to a web site that tracks click and receives data  
embedded in the email.

Some marketing companies offer such web site  where you design your 
email, upload your contacts list and the web site  sends emails to 
contacts and send you a report of sending success, number  of clicks, etc.

You can of course build it all by yourself with your  website using 
PHP or Omnis Web server for registering clicks and  all.


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