Windows 2008 server and datafiles

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Thu Dec 2 05:32:28 EST 2010

Ah, thought so, but I didn't read to the end about different volumes for the segments.  I played it safe and did it all.



On 2 Dec 2010, at 10:23, Kelly Burgess wrote:

>> Kelly will remind us I'm sure, as he knows all of the past and current manuals from memory stick. :-)
> Well I wasn't going to, but since you insist:
> "The last item ODBDataBasePath is an array of full paths pointing to your data file segments on disk. You must enter a full path for each data file segment if the segments are located in different folders, volumes or machines. If all the segments are located in the same folder and are named in the default Omnis naming convention, you only need to supply the full path to the first segment. The pathname to the Omnis data file can only contain Ascii characters."
> And to clarify, what I've got is a single PDF of 2600+ pages, with all of the Studio manuals, appendixes and whatever else concatenated into it, which Preview can search in about ten seconds, so it's easy to look this stuff up.
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