Windows 2008 server and datafiles

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Hello Jock,

Very easy if you take the path of least resistance.

Install the ODB software, choosing the right version for the clients.
By default, the ODB will run with a test set of data in the ODB folder, so I renamed my DF1 to match and put it in the same location until I got brave.
I kept the default TCP port, 5913
I do allow any sharing of the datafile with traditional methods as this will mess with the integrity of the DF.
I connect to the datafile using the 4GL command as usual with this syntax:

Open data file {odb://}

If you want to query the open datafiles that are being served by the ODB, use this command:
Prompt for data file {odb://}
You will get a prompted window with the open DF files.

One wee point, if you have multiple segments, then each segment must be added to the XML setup file.

Quite easy and used mainly on a Mac workstation, server OS not required, be brave.


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On 1 Dec 2010, at 23:21, Jock Philip wrote:

> I've never looked at odb. What's involved in setting that up?
> Thanks
> Jock
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>> consider OmnisDataBridge
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>>> Hi,
>>> We have some sites that recently upgrade their servers to Windows
>>> 2008. The app is Omnis7 with a multi-user data file. They've been
>>> running pretty solid for years, and since the upgrade they've been
>>> having a lot of data corruption issues with indexes and duplicated
>>> rsns.
>>> We looked at disabling opportunistic locking but according to this
>>> Microsoft kb article (, it's
>>> not possible to disable opportunistic locking in Windows 2008.
>>> Does anyone know if disabling SMB2 is the only option? Any
>>> disadvantages of disabling SMB2?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Derek
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