O$-SMTPSend issue

Ben Weinberg ben at pca.com
Wed Dec 1 19:11:52 EST 2010


My code looks like this:

Do FileOps.$splitpathname 
(iPathname,lDrive,lDirectory,lFileName,lExtension) Returns iReturnCode
If iReturnCode=0
Calculate iFileName as con(lFileName,lExtension)
Do iFileops.$openfile(iPathname)
Do iFileops.$readfile(iBinData)
Do iFileops.$closefile()
Do iMimeList.$add(1,'application','octet-stream',iFileName,,iBinData,,)
End If

Ben Weinberg

On Dec 1, 2010, at 3:37 PM, Daryl Borneman wrote:

> I have hit the wall on this one... Using a mime list to attach a  
> pdf to an email... do I have to read it into a binary? My lfileops. 
> $open(lpath) then lfileops.$readfile(lBinary) does not seem to do  
> the job. Get an empty doc even though the email shows an attachment  
> is there but empty. Followed the Omnis docs on this but cannot get  
> it to work all the way. Tested the binary len(lbinary) but comes up 0.
> Thanks for any suggestions...
> Daryl B
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