O$4 vs O$3 performance

CLIFFORD ILKAY clifford_ilkay at dinamis.com
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On 29/04/09 05:49 AM, Kelly Burgess wrote:
> Hi Mary,
>> server is a G5, 1.6GHz with 1.5GB memory
> According to this
>  http://www.datamemorysystems.com/_apple_info/Apple_G5_1.6GHz_Memory_1188.asp
> and confirmed in the MacTracker app, that machine should have DIMMs
> installed in matched pairs, so having 1.5gigs is suspect.  The
> mismatching works but has a performance penalty.
> If it was me, I'd go get four matched 1gig DIMMs for $150 and max out
> the server RAM.  That'd make them happy while you investigate your code
> for bottlenecks.  As far as I know there's no significant performance
> penalty built into Studio 4.x compared to 3.x.  I can't speak to ODB
> issues, haven't used it.  But faster disks and more RAM always help.  A
> two year old iMac would out-perform this G5 with a faster processor and
> a 3gig ATA bus vs the 1.5gig bus in the G5.

A file server is not RAM or CPU-bound. It's I/O-bound. Even if you had
an inefficient memory subsystem, it shouldn't have any appreciable
impact on Studio performance, especially when that impact was not
noticed in a prior version. That G5 is plenty of machine for file
services, even with the slower ATA drives. We've had clients use
P3-800MHz machines with 256M of RAM and 10k RPM SCSI drives running SME
Server (a Linux distro) sharing files with Windows and Mac clients via
Samba and netatalk, respectively. You can easily serve 50 users off a
machine like that if you have fast I/O and you're not trying to use that
machine as an application server at the same time. Most of the
network-attached storage devices that you'll find on the market are
lower spec machines than that G5 and manage to work just fine.

Mary, "It's slow." complaints are difficult-to-investigate if you don't
have more than that to go on. What is slow? What are the steps to
reproduce the problem? I'd be surprised if Tech Support can be of any
help if you haven't provided them more information than what you've
provided on the list. You mentioned that there were significant changes
between your v3 and v4 apps. That's where I'd look but not before
getting more specifics from users.
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